On a cold and rainy day like this, what else can you do but baking. First on the menu kiflice – Serbian style rolls usually filled with cheese. 😋 In this #vegan version I made them with spelt flour and soy milk. The filling is Sheese with spring onion and black pepper, Vegandeli chorizo style and some garlic olives. My toddler can’t have enough of it! 😁😋 #flexiblevegan #sheese #baking #rainydays #veganbaking

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My baby girl’s favourite dinner: “mac&cheese”. 🍝😋 Whole grain pasta with “cheese”: cashews, roasted sunflower seeds, boiled potato, carrots and onion and a little bit of nutritional yeast. 😋🙄 As thyme is her favourite spice, and hubby and I love it too, I use it in most of the dishes. Here too. Growing thyme at home is easy and you have it fresh on hand any time. 🌿 #flexiblevegan #babyfood #babydinnerideas

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When it’s the hottest 20th July ever in the Netherlands 🏜, I am not really very creative when it comes to food. 😔 Luckily my one year old is not a picky eater. Her lunch 🍽: homemade spelt bread 🍞, veggie salami, soy butter, cucumbers and a piece od carrot as a “dessert “. 😉 Also not on photo: homemade cashew milk. 🍼#flexiblevegan #babyfood #lunchideasforkids

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